Dignified Elm Effect Coffin.

We are first Funeral Director in the North East to offer the Direct Cremation option..

The direct cremation is a practical, alternative and lower- cost option when compared to a traditional funeral service. If the Deceased or Family have expressed a desire for this Service we do not transport your loved one hundreds of miles for cremation then return the ashes by courier. If a person lived in Newcastle (for example) the cremation will take place close by where they lived at a time suitable for the Family should they wish to attend also the ashes will be returned by ourselves. The Family can  witness the Coffin being brought in to suitable music and have readings delivered.  A memorial service or gathering can be held, if desired, following the cremation at a time and place more suitable for friends and family.  In very many cases the cost is not the main factor in direct cremation and it is widely accepted that some of the worlds most advanced economies such as the USA and Canada practice direct cremation as a matter of course.

Some people express a wish for absolutely no fuss or a traditional funeral, family and friends are quite often living a considerable distance away, sometimes the Deceased has lost touch with all family members or in some cases has outlived them.

We, having signed the "Fair Funeral Pricing Pledge" are committed to providing the bereaved with all options at their time of need as you will find out in the following pages.

The direct cremation consists of :

Funeral Directors Services.

Assistance and advice on registration.

Provision of a dignified coffin and nameplate. (as pictured)

All cremation fees.

Doctors and medical referee fees.

Transfer of the deceased from place of death during normal working hours.

Caring for the deceased prior to cremation.

Transfer of the deceased to the crematorium of your choice.

Retaining or strewing of the ashes.

Return of the ashes if required.

Total Cost   £1375.00 (inclusive, no hidden extras)

 If the deceased or family members have requested a gathering or memorial service at a later date and would like the remains to be present we can supply a dignified wooden urn for   £50.00