When a loved one passes away there are many decisions and arrangements to be made. Unfortunately these have to be made during a time of personal and family distress.

The first thing to do is get the medical certificate which you will get from a doctor (GP or doctor at a hospital) You will need the medical certificate to register the death.

The Medical Certificate of Death should then be taken to the local Registrar within five days of the deceased passing.

The death will need to be registered in the district where death occured.

* The Registrar will require:

* The Medical Certificate of Death.

* The deceased medical card, birth certificate or marriage lines.

* Details of the deceased (date of birth, place of birth, maiden name, occupation)

Once you have received the bereavement pack from the Registrar we will collect and prepare all documentation needed to arrange the funeral and will further assist you in completing any of the official forms requiring immediate attention.

At perhaps the most difficult of times please be assured that we are on hand to offer expert advice and guidance on the multitude of details that must be addressed. We will liaise with the Coroner, Government Agencies, Clergy, Church, Cemetery or Crematorium, florists and Caterers on your behalf. If the family have chosen burial please call us for an exact price as there are sometimes considerable variations in burial costs. As one of the first funeral directors to sign the "FAIR PRICED FUNERALS PLEDGE" we are here to help you in any way we can to help you cope and adjust to your bereavement.

Chris Walker Funeral Director.