Pre Payment Plans..

In the United Kingdom the cost of dying has increased over eight times the cost of living in the last ten years. The Authorities blame these rises on the lack of grave space and the cost of updating crematoria to meet stringent emission requirements, some Councils will increase the cost if the the Deceased is from another district. A good proportion of the small family funeral firms across the UK have been taken over by the large conglomerate companies (although many still trade under their old names) this has lead to a dramatic increase in prices as the Shareholders and Management structures must be satisfied. A funeral plan will ensure that your wishes are carried out, will lessen the burden on your family at a very difficult time and will be completed at todays prices. A common thought is that all your wishes would be put in a Will but this document is not opened until after the Funeral and it is a fact that bereaved people do not always make good negotiators. With a pre payment plan you can choose the kind of Funeral you want without your loved ones having to guess and we are always available to meet with the family to be sure all requests are noted and agreed upon. Our Funeral pre payment plans may be paid for over a five year period and the price is locked in at its inception. Our Plans start at £2575.00 and this includes chapel of rest and Limousine. All plans are administered by Ecclesiastical Planning Services and are backed by the Funeral Planning Authority. (FPA)

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